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Tournament Results


2020-2021 Parkway West Speech & Debate Results


Varsity Preseason (9/26): 

-Tyler Kinzy was 3rd place

-Ella Seigel was 2nd place

-Ulaa Kuziez was the undefeated tournament champion

Novice Preseason (10/3): 

-Eli Naig was 4th place

-Paige Matthys-Pearce, Sophie Kucukkaya, Vita Madamanchi TIED for 3rd place

-Krish Bhagat was undefeated but on a head to head tie break from practice rounds ended in 2nd place

-Yusuf Redzic was the undefeated tournament champion


Oakville Congress (10/17): 

-Skyler Ji was first in his Chamber


GSL Congress #1 (11/13)

 -Thomas Bruns, Praveen Dharmavarapu, and Santi Lugo were 6th in their chambers

-Skyler Ji and Rachel Bhagat were 2nd in their chambers 


Clayton Varsity/Ladue Novice Invitational (11/20-11/21): 

At the Novice half... 

-Paige Matthys-Pearce was the Novice Lincoln Douglas Tournament Champion

At the Varsity half... The team placed 5th overall

-Kathryn McAuliffe was 2nd in FX

-Santi Lugo was a Quarterfinalists in Varsity Lincoln Douglas 

-Semifinalists in Champ Lincoln Douglas were Ella Seigel and Amina Aser

-Noah Schell & San Kumar were Varsity Policy Semifinalists

-Areeb Hasan & Sid Das were Champ Policy Semifinalists

-Laura Young & Zoey Womick were the Champ Public Forum Tournament Champions 


Raytown Invitational (12/11-12/12):  The Varsity took 2nd in Debate Sweeps and 2nd in Overall Team Sweeps!

-Riya Ashok was 6th in Novice Storytelling

-In Novice FX, Sophie Kucukkaya was 4th and Paige Matthys-Pearce was 3rd 

-Vita Madamanchi was 5th in Novice Info

-Paige Matthys-Pearce was 5th in Novice OO

-Sammi Duncan was 3rd in Novice Congress

-Vita Madamanchi & Riya Ashok were Novice PF Quarterfinalists

-Krish Bhagat was 2nd in Novice LD

-In Varsity Storytelling, Praveen Dharmavarapu was 6th and Areeb Hasan was 5th

-In Varsity FX, Kayvon Rezaei was 6th and Kathryn McAuliffe was the Tournament Champion 

-In Varsity Congress, Skyler Ji was 6th, Praveen Dharmavarapu was 3rd, and Kayvon Rezaei was the Tournament Champion 

-In Champ Policy, Noah Schell & San Kumar and Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking were Quarterfinalists

-Ella Seigel was a Semifinalist in Champ LD

-In Champ PF, Zoey Womick & Laura Young, Kayvon Razeai & Praveen Dharmavarapu, and Skyler Ji & Justin Xu were ALL Co-Champions, closing out the event!


Liberty (KC) (1/15-1/16): 

-In Novice Info, Paige Matthys-Pearce was 5th and Elizabeth Franklin was 3rd

-Kathryn McAuliffe was 5th in FX and 3rd in DX

-Grace O'Connor was 6th in POI

-Sammi Duncan was 2nd in Novice Congress

-Kayvon Rezaei was a Varsity Congress Finalist

-Areeb Hasan and Sid Das were Champ Policy Quarterfinalist

-San Kumar and Noah Schell were Reg Policy Semifinalist

-Zoey Womick and Laura Young were the Champ PF Tournament Champions  


GSL Congress #2 (1/22)

-Praveen Dharmavarapu and Justin Xu were 6th in their Chambers

-Amina Aser and Sammi Duncan were 4th in their Chambers

-Santi Lugo was 3rd in his Chamber 

-Rachel Bhagat, Thomas Bruns, and Kayvon Rezaei were 2nd in their Chambers


Springfield Central/Parkview (1/29-1/30)

-In Novice Informative, Elizabeth Frankin was 2nd and Paige Matthys-Pearce was the Tournament Champion
-Harper Dollarhide & Mira Nalbandian were 4th in Regular PF 
-Zoey Womick & Laura Young were Champ PF Tournament Champions
-Rachel Bhagat & Gabby Henry were 4th in Regular Policy 


COMO Classic (2/5-2/6): The team placed 3rd Overall

-In Novice Informative, Vita Madamanchi was 5th & Sammi Duncan was 3rd

-Sophie Kucukkaya was 6th in Novice Extemp

-Noah Schell was 6th in Varsity DX

-Ulaa Kuziez was 3rd in Varsity Radio

-Grace O'Connor was 2nd in Varsity POI

-Kathryn McAuliffe was the Varsity FX Tournament Champion 

-Ella Seigel was a Semifinalist in Varsity LD

-Skyler Ji & Maaz Khan were Semifinalists in Varsity PF

-In Varsity Policy, Yusuf Hacking & Tyler Kinzy were Semifinalists and Ulaa Kuziez & Sarah Sun were 2nd

-Krish Bhagat was the Novice LD Tournament Champion


Marquette Invitational (2/12-2/13): The team placed 5th overall

-Grace O'Connor was 6th in POI

-Kathryn McAuliffe was 4th in FX

-Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking were Champ Policy Semifinalists 


2020-2021 MSHSAA Districts (3/5 - 3/6): Team placed 6th in Speech, Tied 1st for Debate, and was 6th overall

State Qualifiers are...

-Ulaa Kuziez was 4th in Radio
-Grace O'Connor was 3rd in Poetry
-Kathryn McAuliffe was 3rd in FX
-Zoey Womick & Laura Young were 3rd in Public Forum
-In Policy, Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking were 3rd and Noah Schell & San Kumar were 2nd


Finalists Include...

-Noah Schell was 6th in DX


2020-2021 NSDA Districts (2/27, 3/11-13):

National Qualifiers are...

-Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking in Policy Debate
-Zoey Womick & Laura Young in Public Forum
-Grace O'Connor in POI
-Kathryn McAuliffe in FX
-Paige Matthys-Pearce in Informative
-Ella Seigel, Skyler Ji, and Praveen Dharmavarapu in World Schools Debate
-Tyler Kinzy in Congressional Debate & DX


Alternates Include... 

-Ulaa Kuziez & San Kumar in Policy Debate


MSHSAA State Tournament (4/23-4/24)State Team Sweeps - 3rd in Speech, 2nd in Debate

-Poetry Reading - Grace O'Connor - STATE CHAMP

-Radio Speaking - Ulaa Kuziez - STATE CHAMP

-Public Forum Debate - Zoey Womick & Laura Young - STATE CHAMPS

-International Extemp - Kathryn McAuliffe (2nd Place)

-Policy Debate - Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking (4th Place)


NSDA National Tournament (6/12-6/19):



2019-20 Team Honors

Department Award Winner:  Jon Ma

Matthew Viglione Scholarship Recipient: Jon Ma

Honor Cords: 

  • Dawson Ren - 399
  • Ronik Bhaskar - 820
  • Jon Ma - 1221

Best Novice Debater: Noah Schell

Best Novice Events: Santi Lugo

Best Varsity Debater: Jon Ma

Best Varsity Events: Grace O'Connor

Unsung Hero: Areeb Hasan


NFL Academic All-Americans:

These students must have 750 NFL points, a 27 or higher on their ACT, and a 3.7 or higher GPA. 

    • Tyler Kinzy 
    • Kathryn McAuliffe
    • Zoey Womick
    • Laura Young
    • Jon Ma