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Tournament Results


2018-2019 Parkway West Speech & Debate Results


Oakville Congress (9/29): 

-Gokul Venkatachalam was named PPO in his chamber. 

-Connor Olliff & Jon Ma were 1st Place Speakers in their chambers. 


GSL Conference Tournament #1 (10/19 & 10/20)

-Grace O'Connor was 4th in Poetry Reading

-Jon Ma was 3rd in Domestic Extemp

-Luke Donovan & Kristina Humphrey were the Tournament Champions in Duo Interp

-Gokul Venkatachalam was 4th in Foreign Extemp and the Tournament Champion in Radio Speaking

-In Policy Debate, Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were 3rd and Yusuf Hacking & Tyler Kinzy were the Tournament Champions

-Zoey Womick & Laura Young were the Tournament Champions in Public Forum Debate 


FHN/Troy Events/Debate (11/2 & 11/3): 

-Grace O'Connor was 4th in POI

-Archis Behere & Jacob Tham were 5th in Novice Policy

-Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking were 3rd in Varsity Policy 


GSL Conference #2 (11/9-11/10):

-Zoey Womick was 6th in Storytelling

-Grace O'Connor was 3rd in Poetry

-Ibrahim Ahmed was 2nd in his Congress Chamber

-Kathyrn McAuliffe was 6th in FX and 3rd in Radio

-Gokul Venkatachalam was 2nd in Radio and the Tournament Champion in FX

-Ella Seigel was 5th in Lincoln Douglas

-Dawson Ren & Praveen Dharmavarapu were 4th in Public Forum

-Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were the Tournament Champions in Policy 


Clayton Varsity/Ladue Novice Invitational (11/16-11/17): The Varsity team tied for 4th place in team sweepstakes

At the Novice half...

-Ellie Martin was 4th in Poetry

-Zoe Rutledge & Sarah Sun were Tournament Champions in Duet Improv

-Areeb Hasan & Mohammed Mohsin were Quarterfinalists in Policy Debate

At the Varsity half...

-Kathryn McAuliffe was 6th in Foreign Extemp

-Connor Olliff was 4th in Congressional Debate

-In Open Lincoln Douglas, Kathryn McAuliffe and Ella Seigel were Quarterfinalists

-Rithvik Karthikeyan & Connor Ollilff were Semifinalists in Open Policy Debate

-Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were the Tournament Champions in Champ Policy Debate


Bradley Armstrong Invitational (Overnight 11/30 -12/1):

 SEMI-Finalists were

-Grace O'Connor in Poetry

-Kathryn McAuliffe in Impromptu

Final results were

-Tyler Kinzy was 5th in Sports Broadcasting

-Jon Ma was the Tournament Champion in Extemp


Pattonville Invitational (12/7-12/8):  

-Jon Ma was 2nd in Foreign Extemp

-Sarah Sun & Ulaa Kuziez were Novice Policy Quarterfinalists

-Abby Caudill & Ellie Martin were Novice Public Forum Quarterfinalists

-In Open Policy Debate, Tyler Kinzy & Sid Das were Semifinalists and Jon Ma & Gokul Venkatachalam were co-champions


GSL Conference Championships (1/11 & 1/12): The team was DEBATE Conference Champions and placed 3rd overall for the season

-In Congressional Debate, Ellie Martin placed 6th and Connor Olliff placed 4th

-Jon Ma was 5th in Prose

-Laura Young was 4th in Informative

-Grace O'Connor was 3rd in Poetry 

-Kristina Humphrey was the HI Tournament Champion

-Laura Young & Zoey Womick were 2nd in Public Forum Debate

-In Policy Debate, Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking were 2nd and Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were Tournament Champions 


Placing THIRD overall for the season were...

-Grace O'Connor in Poetry

-Kristina Humphrey in HI

-Tyler Kinzy & Yusuf Hacking in Policy  

Placing SECOND overall for the season were...

-Gokul Venkatachalam in Foreign Extemp 

-Laura Young & Zoey Womick in Public Forum

Season Conference Champions were...

-Gokul Venkatachalam in Radio

-Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma in Policy 

Oakville/Mehlville Novice Events/Debate Round Robins (1/18-1/19): 


Jefferson City (Overnight 2/1-2/2):

-Kathryn McAuliffe was 6th in Foreign Extemp

-Zoey Womick was 6th in Storytelling

-Connor Olliff was 6th in Congressional Debate

-Zoey Womick & Laura Young were Champ PF Quarterfinalists

-Jon Ma & Gokul Venkatachalam were 2nd in Policy Debate


Marquette Invitational (2/15-2/16)


2018-2019 MSHSAA Districts (3/1 - 3/2):

State Qualifiers are...

-Grace O'Connor & Fatema Rehmani were Public Forum Semifinalists

-Ella Seigel was 2nd in Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Kristina Humphrey was 2nd in Humorous Interp

-Kristina Humphrey & Luke Donovan were 2nd in Duet Acting 

-Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were Policy Debate Tournament Champions  


Finalists Include...

-Zoey Womick was 7th in Storytelling

-Gokul Venkatachalam was 5th in FX

-Tyler Kinzy & Ella Seigel were 5th in Duo Interp

-Zoey Womick & Laura Young were Public Forum Quarterfinalists


2018-2019 NSDA Districts (2/23, 3/7-3/9): The team placed 2nd overall in Congressional Debate

National Qualifiers are...

-In Congressional Debate, Connor Olliff was 4th in his chamber and Tyler Kinzy was 3rd, Jon Ma was 2nd in his chamber, and Gokul Venkatachalam was 1st and PPO in his chamber

-Kristina Humphrey & Luke Donovan were 3rd in Duo Interp

-Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were 2nd in Policy Debate  


Alternates Include... 

-Kristina Humphrey was 3rd in HI

-Jon Ma was 7th in FX


MSHSAA State Tournament (4/12-4/13):

 -Gokul Venkatachalam & Jon Ma were Quarterfinalists


NSDA National Tournament (6/15-6/22):

2018-19 Team Honors

Department Award Winner:  Gokul Venkatachalam

Matthew Viglione Scholarship Recipient: Gokul Venkatachalam

Honor Cords: 

  • Luke Donovan - 517
  • Nina Maitra - 643
  • Kristina Humphrey - 762
  • Gokul Venkatachalam - 1,595

Best Novice Debater: Sarah Sun

Best Novice Events: Ellie Martin

Best Varsity Debater: Gokul Venkatachalam

Best Varsity Events: Kristina Humphrey

Unsung Hero: Amina Aser


NFL Academic All-Americans:

These students must have 750 NFL points, a 27 or higher on their ACT, and a 3.7 or higher GPA. 

    • Kristina Humphrey
    • Jon Ma
    • Gokul Venkatachalam