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ALL competitors will register COMPLETELY ONLINE this year.

Everyone must fill out the first two forms and VARSITY must fill out the third BEFORE competition or travel will be permitted. 

PARENTS - THIS LETTER was sent home with students. Please read it over.


Team Participation: Our team rules are clearly presented on our website. Please make sure you read and understand them before filling out the form. Once you agree to the team rules, please click the link provided to present basic information and agree to the established rules. You must complete this form before competition or travel are permitted.

MSHSAA Participation: This form requires parents to provide transportation consent and precautionary health information for travel as well as ask students and parents agree to MSHSAA's rules regarding eligibilityclasses, conduct, and electronic usageTo provide this information, PARENTS will need to create an account on PRIVIT. Instructions to do so are HERE. If you already have a PRIVIT account, you will only need to add a team. Please note that you DO NOT need to fill out everything here. You DO NOT have to complete the physical for debate competition.  The only sections you must complete are the first (Personal Details), third (Parent Permission), and fifth (Joined Teams). All three sections of this form must be completed before competition or travel with the team is permitted. 

NSDA Registration: NOVICES, make sure you register your account AND link it to Parkway West.  

Judge Volunteer Form: Varsity members must provide FIVE additional rounds of judging for our GSL Tournaments. HOWEVER, we have filled this need. To fulfill your requirement, you must sign up for a different invitational tournament which you can HERE. You can find a list of these dates and times on the Tournament List page! Mrs. Borgsmiller will contact the volunteer prior to the even to confirm. Varsity members must complete this step before competition or travel are permitted.  


Students & Parents - Check to see if you have completed all your requirements for competition HERE!