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Topics and Resources

The following is a compilation of topics for research and competition in the National Speech & Debate Association. There are also resources that can be helpful for research, information, and practice. Also, there are links to local organziations. 

Debate Topics

Policy Debate Topic for 2017-2018: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.

Policy Debate Novice Topic Areas: 

  • Funding Side: 
    • Increase funding for Native American education
    • Increase funding for school choice vouchers
    • Increase funding for STEM (science technology engineering and math) programs
  • Regulation Side:
    • Ban zero tolerance discipline policies
    • Funding equalization of funding for low-income schools (perhaps by overruling the Supreme Court case in San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez – 1973 5-4 decision that denied 14th Amendment grounds for declaring education a fundamental right.

2017-2018 Lincoln Douglas topics:

September/October -Resolved: In the United States, national service ought to be compulsory.

November/December -Resolved: TBA October 1st 

January/February -Resolved: TBA December 1st 

March/April -Resolved: TBA February 1st


2016-2017 Public Forum topics: 

September/OctoberResolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest.

NovemberResolved:  TBA October 1st

December- Resolved: TBA November 1st

JanuaryResolved:  TBA December 1st 

FebruaryResolved: TBA January 1st 

MarchResolved: TBA February 1st



Important Resources

Main website for the National Forensics League, which has resources and information on each form of debate or speech event and news. The NFL Points application site is also included here.
You will find state rules that govern our activities as well as state tournament listings.
You will find district specific information here about tournaments and requirements. 
We compete in the GSL year round. Find more information here about it.