Parkway West Fall Classic

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Parkway West Fall Classic
October 11th & 12th, 2019
Tournament Schedule 


If you are feeling apprehensive, you can read THIS to ease your fears! You can even read about each event and review some tips and tricks in our Judging Handbook

 THEN, you can sign up to JUDGE RIGHT HERE

If you want to know more about judging, you can view our tutorials for 





Once you sign up above, we will send you a confirmation email. You may reply there with questions or concerns. Soon, you can check our MASTER SPREADSHEET to see that your registration was received and is correct. 

Parkway West Debate Parents

We would love your help! You can: 

  • JUDGE! Sign up now!
  • READ THIS to donate food or sign up to work in our hospitality room.
    • Add your name and donation HERE
    • Provide us with your contact information HERE


Please review our INVITATION.

  • St. Louis schools have compiled a docket. Each attending school will have one selected piece of legislation in our docket. Schools outside of St. Louis can submit up to one piece of legislation no later than Friday, Sept. 27th @4pm by email it to 
  • Registration is now open. Note the following deadlines:
    • Entry deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 2nd @ 4 pm. After this time: 
      • no new schools may enter
      • individual adds will be allowed if space becomes available. 
    • Entries finalized by Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 4 pm. After this time:
      • you will forfeit your entry fee for drops
      • No additions will be accepted.  
  • Extemp Topic Areas will be released within two weeks of the tournament. 
    • FX
    • DX
    • Novice Extemp

We ask that your varsity students and your school judges sign up on our judging form above. Just have them specify their affiliation or level of experience.  


To honor Haran Kumar, we will be working to collect money for Every Child's Hope. ECH is an organization that works to support a vast and growing population of St. Louis youth. Beyond providing mental health and trauma services, ECH provides a Head Start program and K-12 alternative schooling. They offer family and crisis support, foster care management, and parenting programs. They support homeless youth as well as pregnant and parenting teenagers. What’s more, ECH only receives 55% of its necessary funding through the government. Donations are the primary engine of this impressive operation. To help raise money, we will be doing the following during our tournament: 

Parkway West Debaters

  • Tournament assignments are POSTED. Make sure you read about your specific responsibilities and ASK QUESTIONS NOW! If you need to change your time, let me know ASAP!
  • Managers and chairs must attend a mandatory meeting on TUESDAY, SEPT. 24th. This is after school only. 
  • All tournament personnel must attend the MANDATORY MEETING on WEDNESDAY OCT. 9th. This is after school only.
  • Shirt sign-ups are closed. Check to see if you signed up for a SHIRT. I will let you know when they arrive.  
  • Varsity - check your judging quotas on the forms page
  • Encourage your parents to sign up to donate food!