Parkway West Fall Classic

Parkway West VIRTUAL Fall Classic
NOVEMBER 6th & 7th, 2020
Thank you to EVERYONE who made this possible! 
You can view the RESULTS and
rewatch our AWARDS ceremony!
Hopefully, we will SEE you next year. 
Tournament Schedule 


 THEN, you can sign up to JUDGE RIGHT HERE

You can check your TIMES here. Please give us 48 hours to update this form. 

You can find our JUDGE TRAINING HUB here!



Please review our INVITATION. Given our virtual setting, please read it CAREFULLY and ask questions EARLY! You can access our Final TEAM NOTES that was emailed on Friday, Oct. 30th HERE.

  • Registration is now closed. Note the following deadlines:
    • Entries finalized by Monday, Nov. 2nd at 4 pm. After this time:
      • you will forfeit your entry fee for drops
      • No additions will be accepted.  
    • Asynchronous events prelim recordings must be uploaded by Wednesday, Nov. 4th @ 5 pm. No upload results in a drop and forfeiture of your entry fee.  
  • Please note that the following events will advance straight to FINALS. They will not compete during semi-finals
    • Novice Interp
    • Open DI
    • Open HI
  • Extemp Topic Areas are preassigned this year. Prelims will cover a series of topics and out rounds are set:
    • FX
      • Prelims: Global Pandemic, Europe, Latin America, Africa
      • Semis: Asia
    • DX
      • Prelims: Coronavirus Response, Politics 2020, Economy, Environment
      • Semis: Social Justice
    • Novice Extemp
      • Prelims: Global Pandemic, World Leaders, Human Rights, Politics 2020
      • Semis: Environment
    • ALL finals will cover "The World/US this week"

We ask that your varsity students and your school judges sign up on our judging form above. Just have them specify their affiliation or level of experience.  


To honor Haran Kumar, we will be working to collect money for Every Child's Hope. ECH is an organization that works to support a vast and growing population of St. Louis youth. Beyond providing mental health and trauma services, ECH provides a Head Start program and K-12 alternative schooling. They offer family and crisis support, foster care management, and parenting programs. They support homeless youth as well as pregnant and parenting teenagers. What’s more, ECH only receives 55% of its necessary funding through the government. Donations are the primary engine of this impressive operation. To help raise money, we will be doing the following during our tournament: 

  • Direct Donations
  • Presenting seeds and trees rather than trophies and donating the saved cost

Parkway West Debaters

  • Sign up to WORK at our tournament. Here are some of the specific responsibilities you may be asked to do. This deadline is FRIDAY, OCT 2nd. 
  • Novices can sign up to COMPETE at our tournament! Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity! This deadline is MONDAY, OCT. 26th.
  • Managers and chairs must attend a mandatory meeting on WEDNESDAY OCT. 7th
  • All tournament personnel must attend the MANDATORY MEETING on MONDAY NOV. 2nd. 
  • Varsity - check your judging quotas on the forms page
  • Encourage your parents to sign up.