Parkway West Fall Classic

Parkway West Fall Classic
October 14th & 15th, 2022 
Thank you EVERYONE for attending and for all your help in making this possible! 
We look forward to seeing you next year. 
Tournament Schedule 


 THEN, you can sign up to JUDGE RIGHT HERE

You can check your TIMES here. Please give us 48 hours to update this form. 

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Please review our INVITATION. Given our virtual setting, please read it CAREFULLY and ask questions EARLY! 

  • Registration is now CLOSED.
    • Changes to your entry can be made without penalty by 4 pm Wednesday, Oct. 12th. Any drops after this time will forfeit the entry fee. 
  • Congress Legislation 
    • 14 pieces of prelim (authorships allowed)
    • 7 pieces for supersession (sponsorship only)
  • Extemp topic areas are listed alphabetically and will be assigned to rounds at the tournament:
    • DX: Economy, Politics, Public Health, Social Justice
    • FX: Africa, Europe, International Organizations, South America
    • NX (National and International): Economy, Health, Justice, Politics
  • The following events have been COLLAPSED due to smaller numbers. Top novices will be awarded:
    • Open HI, Open DI, and Novice Interp will be Open Interp
    • JV Policy and Open Policy will be Open Policy
    • Novice & Open Congressional Debate will be Open Congressional Debate
    • Novice & Open Duo Interp will be Open Interp
  • We will NO LONGER break events to SEMIS. We will remove the 5 pm round and run Event Finals during the 1:30 pm round instead. 

We ask that your varsity students and your school judges sign up on our judging form above. Just have them specify their affiliation or level of experience.  


To honor Haran Kumar, we will be working to collect money for Every Child's Hope. ECH is an organization that works to support a vast and growing population of St. Louis youth. Beyond providing mental health and trauma services, ECH provides a Head Start program and K-12 alternative schooling. They offer family and crisis support, foster care management, and parenting programs. They support homeless youth as well as pregnant and parenting teenagers. What’s more, ECH only receives 55% of its necessary funding through the government. Donations are the primary engine of this impressive operation. To help raise money, we will be incentivizing donations with two competitions - one before and one after the tournament. Please share with your students!

Parkway West Debaters

  • Varsity will be assigned to a job unless otherwise noted. Novices can sign up in room 1511 by Monday, Sept. 19th.  Here are some of the specific responsibilities you may be asked to do. 
  • Managers and chairs must attend a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20th. 
  • All tournament personnel must attend the MANDATORY MEETING on TUESDAY, OCT. 11th.
  • Varsity - check your judging quotas on the forms page
  • Encourage your parents to sign up.